Our Approach to Teaching Dance

Posted By nick on Aug 1, 2020 | 0 comments

We love Dance; all kinds of Dance, movement and kinesthetics are our passion. Ballet, modern, contemporary, hip hop, tap as well as Pilates, Gyrotonic and Yoga are all ways of moving that we love.

Personally Dance is innately in us; it’s a part of our being and expressing it, teaching it, learning it and watching it, continues to bring joy and fulfillment into our lives.

That’s the main reason we direct The Academy; to bring joy into the lives of everyone who comes to ADA’s classes. When a student, regardless of their age – they could be 3 or 103 – experiences the joy of expressing their dance, we feel like we’ve succeeded!

In addition to joy, the approach that we take to teaching dance, movement and kinesiology at ADA empowers students to do their best and increases their confidence & awareness to the point where it doesn’t matter what they’re doing, they know how to apply themselves and reach the goals they’re aiming for. 

People may wonder “How is that possible at a dance school?” It’s because, as with doing anything well, we teach students HOW to dance and WHY that technique is important. We also guide them to discover how THEY learn so that they can become extremely confident & efficient in their process of refining their dancing.

We don’t just give students steps or routines, though we also do that when it’s time for one of our immensely inspiring performances, because just learning a sequence of steps isn’t being a dancer. Quickly learning a sequence of steps is a very important aspect of being a dancer but that’s just scratching the surface.

After a dancer learns a sequence of steps, they then need to access all the information they have on those particular steps and then APPLY IT That’s the link that is missing from so many students’ dance training experiences and that’s the link that we specialize in teaching in a way that’s exciting and inspiring.

When a student has that lightbulb moment of increased self understanding, we again feel like we’ve succeeded!

The environment that we’ve created and continue to cultivate at ADA is one of positivity, support, openness and acceptance. We are determined to have a place where students feel safe, comfortable and set up for success!

It can be very challenging to look at yourself and your dancing honestly, but it is necessary for us to guide students to do this, because this is necessary for them to achieve every step along their road to excellence.

Dancers as artists must continue bettering their best and this can be a major challenge mentally, emotionally and physically.

That’s why we work to create such a positive environment; dancers of all ages need support and love from their teachers and peers in order to achieve their unbridled best and feel inspired to continue to refine their tool for self expression, which in this case is DANCE!