Performances and Exams

Performance & Exam Opportunities

• Nutcracker & Spring Performance

• Year End Workshop Performance

• Year End Ballet Exams

• Youth America Grand Prix

• “Evening of Dance”

• “Extravaganza” & “Performance Intensive”

ADA students may audition for the Company of Dance Arts‘ annual productions of The Nutcracker and spring performance. CODA is a non-profit, pre professional company affiliated with The Academy.

The Academy has a Year End Performance for specific classes, instead of an all school recital. The 2018 performance was held at Rutgers University!

Every school year, Ballet Exams are offered to levels 5 & up, ages 8+.

Every other school year, levels 6 & 8 students training with Ms. Sori may be selected for Royal Academy of Dance exams.

After Intensive Coaching, students present their work to a Guest Examiner and receive a report card.

Selected students may participate in Youth America Grand Prix each spring. After intensive coaching, a small group of soloists & ensembles perform for judges who could further their dance career. ADA’s soloists and ensembles have advanced to the finals!

Every spring, intermediate & advanced students organize an in studio performance, “Evening of Dance”, to benefit a local charity. In 2018 $1,775 was raised for Mary’s Place by the Sea!

Every summer invited students may participate in the 2 week intensive programs, Extravaganza and Performance Intensive, which both culminate in performance. In 2018, the Performance Intensive showcase was held at the Two River Theater in Red Bank!

“… Professional dancers get there start here and I’d wager it’s the best in the area outside of NYC. The great thing is if you only want to take a class or two a week there is no pressure but beware – most little girls get the fever here & after appearing in the Nutcracker you may find your daughter wants to spend all of her time here.”