Registration & Tuition

Getting Started At ADA

Registration is ongoing! If you know your ADA level and are ready to sign up for our dance school you can login to Register now!

Otherwise follow the below steps to join our dance school:

1. Level Placement is needed to register for our dance school. Contact us and a FREE trial class will be scheduled if needed.

Adult students create an online account and buy “Class Cards” for drop in adult dance classes, instead of registering.

2. After receiving your level placement, you can login and Register. School year students are recommended for specific classes, summer students can register for all classes at their level.

School Year & Summer Tuition Rates

After registration is complete with payment of the applicable registration fee & tuition, your space is reserved.

Adult Dance Class Rates differ from registered rates.

3. When registering or before your first drop in adult dance class, read the entire Waiver. It contains the information you need to have a positive experience at our dance school. Other info can be found in Shared Files in the Online Portal.

4. Uniforms are needed for dance class during the school year at The Academy. Dress Code items are available in our Online Store and dance wear items like shoes & tights are available at Coppelia Dancewear. Students should try their first class at our dance school before purchasing their uniform. There is no specific dress code for summer classes, however appropriate dance wear must be worn.

Adult dance class students do not need to wear a uniform.

We hope this info is helpful! If you have any questions, please Get In Touch!


We Look Forward To Welcoming You!

Both of my daughters have been dancing here for about 8 years now and absolutely love it! There is no other dance studio in the area that will match the training they are getting at the academy and the teachers really care about each and every student! If you want to dance, I would most certainly give this place a try!